About Blissful Bears

Hello everyone,

A very warm welcome to Blissful Bears. I'm Kirsten and I’d love to share with you a little about how Blissful Bears was started.😊

In 2018, I was thrown into parenthood when my wonderful son, Joshua, was born. When he was just 1 week old, we started a baby massage course & instantly loved it! The newborn whirlwind was tough going but oh my did baby massage prove to be an essential tool in my parenting belt.

I've practised yoga since 2008, so next we tried baby yoga. Joshua loved his startle reflex being stimulated (he must be a bit of a dare devil). The strengthening and co-ordination from baby yoga really supported Joshua reaching his early milestones of crawling and walking… Plus we had lots of fun and made new mummy friends! 😊 Winner!!

Fast forward 3 years… Having seen first hand the benefits of baby massage and yoga, I’m now a qualified instructor!

Most babies & toddlers are fascinated with sensory, so I decided to combine sensory with all of my classes & ta dah…Blissful Bears was born! Yey! (Credit for the name is given to my super, creative 7 year old niece, Cherry).

Joshua is now a very active toddler…but still loves massage & yoga! The relaxed look that sweeps across his face during massage is the exact same look I fondly remember from when he was a wee tiny baby.  See for yourself in the video below…

I wish you all the best on your parenting journey & look forward to welcoming you to a Blissful Bears class. 😊

Kirsten x x