Baby Massage and Sensory Learn a series of fun
and soothing strokes
to massage your baby!
"You are my greatest
- Mr Incredible
Regularly massaging your
baby promotes bonding,
attachment and trust !

Baby Massage and Sensory

A fun & relaxed 5 week course which is held in small, friendly groups. Classes are suitable from birth to crawling. A bottle
of massage grade, organic, cold pressed, sunflower oil is included within the course cost.

You will gradually learn how to perform a series of soothing & nurturing massage
strokes for your baby,
all to the sound of a gentle lullaby. Bliss! We will also cover cues, signals & reflexes your baby may show when being massaged.

In addition to learning massage, the classes include a different sensory themed experience each week including bubbles, twinkly lights, creative play, sounds, textures, music & fun props (for lots of cute pictures).

Our classes are designed to promote that special 1 to 1 bonding time between you & your baby along with many other benefits for you both which are listed below… 

Benefits of Blissful Bears Baby Massage and Sensory for you and your baby:

    • Promotes bonding, attachment and trust between baby and you.
    • Increases and stimulates baby’s circulatory, digestive, immune, respiratory and nervous systems.
    • Improves muscle tone and flexibility.
    • Aids you and your baby’s release of happy hormones, which in turn reduces stress hormones.
    • Can relieve symptoms of colic, wind, cramps, constipation and teething.
    • Can help to improve baby’s sleep patterns.
    • Promotes baby’s development and improves baby’s body awareness/self esteem.
    • Helps you to recognise baby’s verbal and nonverbal communication and cues.
    • Increases awareness of baby’s development and your confidence with parenting.
    • Opportunity to meet other parents/carers with babies of a similar age.

Blissful Bears Baby Massage and Sensory is run in small, friendly groups making it the perfect first class to attend with your baby.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen!”
- Winnie The Pooh -